The amount of compensatory sweating depends on the patient, the damage that the white rami communicans incurs, and the amount of cell body reorganization in the spinal cord after surgery.
Other potential complications include inadequate resection of the ganglia, gustatory sweating, pneumothorax, cardiac dysfunction, post-operative pain, and finally Horner’s syndrome secondary to resection of the stellate ganglion.

After severing the cervical sympathetic trunk, the cells of the cervical sympathetic ganglion undergo transneuronic degeneration
After severing the sympathetic trunk, the cells of its origin undergo complete disintegration within a year.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

"He knows the procedure is controversial because of the unpredictability of side-effects"

Information about surgery for sweaty hands:  surgeon "knows the procedure is controversial because of the unpredictability of side-effects"

"Ferrar believes much of the controversy lies in surgeons, mainly in America, who perform the surgery on anyone who asks for it, rather than the severe end of the spectrum.
"In America there are so many that have been operated on when it hasn't been necessary, or the surgeon has given the patient false expectations, that there are support groups for people who've had complications or adverse effects. The people that come to me are almost self-selecting; they've tried everything else."
The youngest patient he has performed an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy on was 8 years old, with most being in puberty (when the condition tends to arise). Or they are in their 20s when they are beginning relationships and jobs."

Publication info: Waikato Times [Hamilton, New Zealand] 07 Apr 2012: 22."